Tax Day is April 15, 2024

Uncle Sam

Feel like a fish out of water while trying to complete your tax forms?

Preparing tax returns on your own can be a frustrating process. Some items you may not have considered can drastically affect your return, often to your detriment. That’s where Glass Tax Service, LLC can help you. We are a full service tax preparation business located in Brownsburg, Indiana which is 10 miles northwest of Indianapolis, Indiana.

Why Glass Tax?

As a Christian business, we treat clients with the highest integrity with regard to their personal information and individual income tax situations.

Through training and experience, we can significantly reduce the amount of income taxes you owe.

We provide tax planning services using the most up-to-date tax information for the greatest accuracy.

In addition to our experience preparing taxes for over 31 years, we attend annual training to maintain our knowledge base regarding current laws and regulations as they relate to individual and small business taxation.

Because we are a home-based business, we have the ability to save money for our clients on their income tax preparation fees through overhead cost savings when compared to such franchises as H & R Block, Jackson Hewitt and Liberty Tax Service. We can usually offer our services for less than half what these franchises charge.

Unique Offerings

Glass Tax Service, LLC believes that all clients should be treated with the utmost in respect and importance. Because of this, we are proud to offer personal touches such as:

  • Mid-year and year-end client newsletters with organizers and mileage logs (if needed).
  • Postage paid envelopes included with returns for mailing payments, for clients that live outside of Brownsburg.
  • Discounts for new clients, family, single parents, retired or active military and senior citizens.
  • Electronic filing services with direct deposit or direct debit of checking account for tax refunds or debts.
  • The ability to process a Return Transfer Loan (RTL) and print a cashier’s check in as little as 10 – 14 days after electronic filing of return.
  • The ability to use e-services, a secured server that allows direct access to clients’ accounts with the IRS, to obtain Power of Attorney and real-time information.
  • Took the Annual Filing Season Program (AFSP) Refresher Course and passed, so we can represent our clients before the IRS.

Notes concerning the use of TurboTax™ to Prepare Personal Taxes

  • TurboTax™ is a widely used program for individual income tax preparation and I just want you to be aware of some of its limitations.
  • TurboTax™ does not do well with business returns that calculate depreciation of any sort.
  • TurboTax™ does not do well with rental properties and their complexities concerning depreciation and calculation of allowable passive activity losses (PAL).
  • TurboTax™ does not have the ability to deal with the complex rules surrounding capital gains and losses resulting from stock sales.